I’ve written and otherwise helped with some books.


I worked on some books that were published by PrimaTech. My commentary here is just my opinion; it’s in no way official!

Install, Configure, and Customize Red Hat Linux 6.1
Co-authored. I had fun writing for this book, but unfortunately my chapter on kernel compilation got mangled. The images and captions got mixed up during layout, so it’s hard to follow. Pity, because I thought that chapter was really good! This was my first foray into “real” writing. I’m pleased with some of my chapters; not as much with others.
Install, Configure, and Customize Red Hat Linux 7
Technical editor. I suspect PrimaTech (the publisher) realized that multiple-author books were hard to bring up to a consistent level of quality, and so that’s probably why they had just Brian update this book. Brian’s technically competent, but I felt that a lot of the “meat” from the previous version was lost in this one.
Install, Configure, and Customize SuSE Linux
Co-authored. I thought this book was reasonable as a beginner’s guide, but this one had far too many authors so the quality and tone fluxuate.
Install, Configure, and Customize Slackware Linux
Co-authored, and technical editor. I think this book, too, suffered from having too many authors. But worse, the audience is unclear–a beginner’s book, on Slackware? That’s a non-sequitor. The beginners were probably frustrated with Slackware; those more advanced were probably frustrated with the book.
VMware 2 for Linux
Technical editor. This is a good book (although dated, now that VMware 3 and 4 are out). Jason really knows his stuff. I had used VMware for quite a while reading this book, and have dabbled at writing a virtual machine myself, but I still learned a few tricks while editing this book. It’s worth having if you use VMware, but would especially be so if he would update it for the newer version.
Red Hat LINUX Administrator’s Guide
Technical editor.

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