Software is an art. When done well, it is beautiful and moving. When done well, it is a force multiplier.

I am a software craftsman, specializing in architecting solutions with embedded Linux and C++.

Or if I may quote Alan Kay: “The lack of interest, the disdain for history is what makes computing not-quite-a-field.”

I would entertain a C/C++/Linux/embedded/kernel position; UT or OR or remote.

I also have (currently hobbyist) interests in data sciences (R, Julia, SAGE, etc.)

I am a LISP-er at heart, and broken hearts mend slowly.


What I am doing now





What motivates me

I am an A-player. I always want to improve myself and my team. But I doubt I am (and hope I am not) the smartest person in the room. I always want to learn. If I can no longer learn in my role, then it’s time for me to change.

I like to ship things that matter. Please research my role in:

  • StorageCraft “???” (Architect of a primary product after acquisition by TA Associates)
  • StorageCraft SPX (Core engineer of the Linux block snapshot driver, and core maintainer of Russian legacy tech, to ship the cross-platform sucessor to ShadowProtect.)
  • DISHWorld IPTV (Architect of the rewrite; EchoStar bought the new core technology)
  • Logitech Alert (Improved the Linux firmware in the camera, and built a path to the future)
  • Move Networks (A core engineer behind ABC’s “Lost” premiering online in HD … when online streaming was a rare and difficult thing.)
  • Volera (I have done startups…)
  • Novell BorderManager / Novell ICS / NILE.NLM (Core engineer for SSL reliability and kernel scalability, fronting Datek [bought by Ameritrade] )

I am not interested in promotions and titles. Titles don’t hold me. (For years, Mel Oyler had “Janitor” on his office plaque while he was doing fundamental work, and I respected him for that.) I prefer to live in a meritocracy. I write code and I architect solutions. If I am ever forced to stop writing code or stop learning, then it’s time for me to retire – so long and thanks for all the fish.

To mix things up, I love to move between embedded Linux and architecting C++. But I am not a “full stack” developer doing Python and JS and whatever the latest web craze is. I can do anything under duress (and it’s not below me if that is the need), but you’ll get your best ROI from me with assembly/C/C++/Linux.

I can do agile or waterfall. I can work however you and your team are comfortable working. But I have taken scrum trainings and have recently been doing agile.

I understand and value TDD, BDD, agile, etc etc. Repeatable process is actually where the value of the company often lies! Yet I am pragmatic. Technical debt is like credit card debt; sometimes it is necessary to take on debt to make progress, but it must be paid off.

I understand kernels. My experience is in Linux, and I respect FreeBSD, but could do Window kernel if needed.

I am no fan of software patents from a moral level, but I understand how to play the current game. I have submitted multiple patents of my own, and have been on patent review boards.

Updated February 11, 2017