How to Dispose of Old Gas

I am constantly adopting and rebuilding old vehicles and tractors. So it seems that I have a constant supply of old, stale gas.

What to do with it?

Some advocate just letting it evaporate. But I suspect a gas station might only have a gallon per day evaorate (gut order of magnitude guess). So my contribution would be significant, especially if this were what everyone did (tragedy of the commons, right there.)

Some suggest using it to kill weeds or ants. Slight debatable positive, but still evaporates or contaminates water (which is even worse).

Filter it and burn it in forgiving engines?

Open burn it?

Treat it as hazardous waste?


In order of my preference (because I don’t have a large un-picky gasoline engine running at the moment):

  • Post for free on Craigslist (or similar). If someone is going to bother to come pick it up, they aren’t going to just dump it.
  • Filter, and mix into lawnmower gas (or other engine that will tolerate it)
  • Hazardous waste return
  • Controlled burn
  • Parts cleaner (implies evaporation)
  • Weed killer (implies evaporation)

MSDS says gas is biodegradable? But on what timescale.



After spending a small amount of time researching this topic on the net, I was surprised (well, no) with the number of people disclaiming any tree-hugging tendencies.

Oh, good, I feel so much better that you have no qualms about pissing in my drinking water.

Seriously, where does this aversion to caring about the commons come from? Please get off my planet at the next stop. Sadly, we’re all in this together.

March 5, 2014
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