Flying Spaghetti-O Monster
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To catch you up since the last exciting episode… I’m an atheist stuck in the state that’s the hotbed of Mormonism, which is embedded in the country that’s the hotbed of Christianity. And yet I’m trying to raise my children in a scientific, rational, and compassionate way. It’s not always easy, but sometimes it’s funny.

I suppose along the way I’ve mentioned the Flying Spaghetti Monster a few times, perhaps even in front of my children.

Well, today my wife took Aaron (age 4) out shopping. Aaron loves his blankie, so blankie had to go into the store too. But his blankie is getting a bit worn, and it was a windy day. Blankie started out as a couple of receiving blankets, which got threadbare, and sown together, and torn, and re-sown, and re-sown, and re-sown.

Here’s Blankie drying after a recent very careful washing (yeah, we’re those people on the block):

Blankie Drying

Blankie has a bad case of the dredlocks, as you can see.

As Aaron was carrying Blankie across the windy parking lot into the store with mom, the wind was tugging at blankie’s dangly bits, and Aaron said:

Look Mom! It’s the Flying Spaghetti-O Monster!

September 17, 2013
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