MaxJax Arrives!

My MaxJax arrived today!

But first, I have to comment on the shipping company, ConWay. This is the second time I’ve received something heavy via ConWay. I’m just an average bloke with a garage out back. I don’t have a fork lift or a loading dock. And yet both times, the ConWay driver has humored me and helped me figure out how to get the damn thing unloaded.

I actually worried that this time the driver would be annoyed or on a tight schedule, and we’d not be able to get it unloaded. But no, he was relaxed and a bit amused that I had a 860 lb delivery, yet no loading dock or forklift. We ended up using his pallet jack, some 4x4 wooden blocks, my tall rockcrawler truck, and ultimately an engine hoist, to get it moved from his truck to my truck and back to the garage.

Too many times these days, I encounter people who have learned helplessness, frozen by corporate policies. If you don’t fit within their script, they can’t help you.

Kudos to ConWay for not being that way.

July 31, 2013
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