I enjoy restoring things. Mister Jalopy crossed my radar some years ago, but I was already imprinted from childhood farm life with the desire to maintain and restore.

A few of the things I have restored:

  • Maple desk: My wife rescued this one from the trash. It looks like a 1970s maple desk, beat to hell by multiple adolescents. Stripped, sanded, stained, sealed. Cleaned the hardware. Some of the wood is broken. I want to patch in new wood when I can match it.
  • Waterford Light: Bought off ebay. Corroded brass and shorting electrical. Sandlbasted, painted nickel, and rewired. Now hanging in our library, where it gets compliments.
  • Various old computers
  • 1943 Farmall M
  • 1995 Mazda MX6


  • early IH wrenches
  • 1940? drill press
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