Bypass Oil Filter Comparison

I want to put bypass oil filters on several gas-powered passenger cars.

Why go to this expense (considering that bypass oil filters are normally reserved for diesel engines)? Because I want to remove the 2-20 nm particles that pass through standard spin-on oil filters – it’s these particles that cause the majority of engine wear. I prefer to spend a bit of money up front for quality and/or longevity. Or in cave-man speak: Maintenance good, replacing / trashing / consumer-culture bad.

But there seems to be at least a 5x price spread. WTF? Organizing my notes here…


Can pay $10 to be a preferred customer, and get 20-ish% off. Product Code: PREG6M-EA. Sounds like by signing up as a PC, you get assigned to some dealer, and get his cost, but he gets some small kickback periodically. Ships from the local warehouse, and can still buy online (or can pick up locally and save shipping), so almost seems like just a hoop to jump through for a discount. Yet sounds a bit MLM-ish, and sounds like a massive PITA to change your “sponsoring” dealer, all of which raises red flags for me.

Might be worth poking a few dealers and seeing who responds, and then entering that dealer #. Otherwise you just get assigned a random local dealer and he gets a commision for doing nothing. Perhaps look up dealers on

Typical retail cost for kit is $271, plus cost of 2 filters ($15 + $38), plus cost of spin-on adapter ($50?). So basically, $270 gets the dual filter mount, and 2 hoses. Amsoil may have the mindshare, but that ($374 - 20% = 299) seems pricey.

Q: Can I use stock (cheap) spin-on filters?


Spin-on sandwich adapter: ebay, $30
Remote mount for Amsiol bypass filter:
Amsoil bypass filter:

One worry with a one-off solution is oil pressure. Seems reasonable, however, that oil pressure would remain good if the full-flow oil filter is NOT relocated, and only the bypass filter is remote. Oil analysis might be needed to ensure that the remote filter is getting enough flow to be effective.

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Big diesel only?


Big diesel only?

Updated January 1, 2012