1995 Mazda MX-6 LS Build


Car #1 is 95 MX-6 LS, with 250k miles, top-side rust, and mechanical problems.

Car #2 is 95 MX-6 LS, with 140k miles, bottom-side rust, and mechanical problems.

Plan is to strip car #2, fix rust, mechanically restore.


  • JSPEC headlights. The original ASPEC headlights are almost deadly. I picked up a very clear and clean set shipped from Japan.
  • Strut bar: This was necessary on the original car body, which had developed some flex. Less necessary on the replacement body, but might as well install it.
  • Headers: Currently just the ebay variety.
  • Wheels: RX8?
  • Battery relocation, and/or lightweight AGM battery (Braille?)
  • KLZE swap


I was born in ‘75, not ‘55, but my views on car features might suggest otherwise.

  • ABS delete: Car #1 and car #2 are absolutely identical, except car #2 has ABS. I hate ABS. Once it kicks in, you have no feeling of what the road is doing. Braking with ABS is like trying to walk with nerve damage in your legs. No thanks. Fuck off.
  • AC: I might add this back later, but if so, with Envirosafe instead of R-134a. I’ve read repeatedly that Envirosafe is less demanding on the compressor (and therefore the engine). [There seem to be many competing alternative refrigerants: MaxiFridge, Freeze-12, etc. Tread carefully and remember we all share this ball of rock.]
  • PS delete: This one is slightly more questionable, but after “upgrading” to electronically controlled steering in newer cars, I suspect I would like to “downgrade” to completely manual steering. I drove manual steering as a kid, and have read that manual gives better feedback than even power steering (forget electric) when cornering, so you have a bit more warning before you lose grip. The Scion tC has electronic steering, and I don’t like it. Any feedback, any resistance, is artificial and “dead” feeling.
  • spare, jack?


Part numbers

Part numbers

Updated September 1, 2014