1995 Mazda MX-6 LS

This is currently my favorite project car.

I love the two-door, low-angled-back style car. Bonus points if it’s rear-wheel drive or the weight ratio is good (MX-6 fails here). The FRS is interesting, but I am a patient saver, so my real goal is the Cayman R. Until that goal is obtainable, I turn bolts on what I have. Just like my truck, don’t discount the value of not being afraid to hack on the damn thing.

I have a build thread over here. Everything here is just high-level blathering.


I bought this car off eBay with 116k miles in 2003, and turned the outing into a 1000-mile road trip to drive it back, with the sunroof down (except through some shockingly wild rainstorms in Colorado), and doing 115 MPH in Wyoming at midnight. Nonstop from Dallas to Salt Lake City. How cool is that? God, to be young and free.

Now the car has 250,000 miles, some road damage, some rust, and everything mechanical needs to be replaced or overhauled. It’s parked.

As an aside, I recently bought a new (2014) sporty-ish 6-speed manual, 2 door random-other-brand car. My wife loves it, and that’s actually saying something since this is the first manual she’s really taken to. I think it’s okay, but I’ll take the 19-year-old MX-6 in a heartbeat. Electronic gadgets, a flashy stereo, and good (teen-age) looks do not compensate for a sloppy transmission, a higher center of gravity, heavier (+350 lbs), dead steering, and a poorly electronically controlled engine idle.

Give me an MX-6, goddamnit.

In 2012 I bought a second MX-6. This might become a habit. This one is from Ohio, so it’s got underside rust, but “only” 140k miles, and no top-side rust, good paint, good interior, and straight.


Updated June 19, 2014