Toyota 3VZE Rebuild Tips

3ZVE Blown Head Gasket

Blew my head gasket in 2003.

Head Notes

These tips are nothing special; as much notes to myself as anything else…

  • To check if your valves are seating properly, turn the heads upside down and pour kerosene on the valves. If it leaks, they’re not seating.
  • Use lacquer thinner to clean the heads, intake, etc. It evaporates cleanly, leaving no harmful residue.
  • Before bolting the rebuilt heads back on, coat the bolts with silicone. This helps prevent binding, so you can get a more accurate torque.
  • When bolting the heads back on, tighten the bolts in 3 passes (and in the order specified in the shop manual): First pass, 15 ft/lbs below spec; second pass, 5 ftp/lbs below spec; final pass to spec.


Note the spurting antifreeze, red Utah dust, … and carbon deposits and burnt valves and blown head gasket. Shit.

Prior to rebuild:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Timing belt and air intake off: 1 2 3 4

Crankshafts off: 1

Updated January 1, 0001