1943 Farmall M Teardown Notes


These are notes made while tearing down my 1943 Farmall M. Some of these many eventually be worthy of their own pages.

Removed rear tires. The tires were cracked, the rims rusted, and fluid was seeping from everywhere. Not sure yet if all the rims are salvageable, but new replacements aren’t rare.

Drained the tires. The valve stems were so rusty that the easiest method was to drill a hole in the tire and catch the fluid in buckets. What to do with all the fluid? It’s just a type of salt-water (calcium chloride), so I poured it in some landscaping rock. Probably ok. (A year later, I planted an apple tree in the area and it’s growing fine.)

Drained the transmission. Drained approx. 11 gallons; the bottom 2 or so were water. This is worrying. I can’t wait to get it opened up to see what the gears look like.

Future: Question: How does so much water get into the transmission? Does it seep in around the recessed bolts on the platform? Or…?

Future: What seal was around the operator’s platform, above the transmission? Fiberous and tar-based.

Future: Transmission fill: Sit on the seat; plug is to the left of the brake pedals. Can back this out with a 34” drive adapter. Level check is on the side, ahead of the clutch pedal.

Block coolant drain: behind and just under the carb.

Oil in air cleaner: 30 weight

List of grease zerks:

  • Water pump shaft
  • Steering arm pin
  • Bottom rear of steering bolster
  • Throw out bearing (behind access cover, ahead of clutch pedal)
  • Each side of clutch pedal bar
Updated January 1, 0001