Farmall M Fuel Notes

My tractor was built during World War II. Some artifacts of that can be seen: It is a duel-fueled tractor, with a small starter fuel tank meant to hold gasoline, and the larger fuel tank for kerosene. The radiator has “shutters” in front of it, to help the engine warm up quickly before switching over to the cheaper kerosene.

Serial numbers

Serial number on my tractor: 60462X3

Code at end of serial number:

  • X1 = Gasoline
  • X3 = Kerosene
  • No X code = All Fuel

The kerosene/distillate engines used a different cylinder head which resulted in lower compression. The lower compression head will readily interchange with the higher compression, gasoline head and vice-versa.


part numbers of various heads

pictures of shutters


It depends entirely on your manifold. If you have a petrol manifold it won't run
on anything but petrol, but if you have a duel fueled manifold and a small
petrol tank beside the big tank it will run on kerosene, or distillate, or jet
A1.  With a duel fueled model your motor has to have a radiator shutter to bring
the operating temperatures up quickly because the alternative fuels require a
hotter running motor, that is to aid vaporization.
Updated January 1, 0001