1943 Farmall M: Steering Bolster

Today my 9 year old son helped me clean up the steering bolster.

Common problems with the steering bolster is wobbly steering and leaking oil.

Wobbly steering can be caused by a worn worm gear, or worn sector gear. I suppose worn bushings could cause this too but I have not seen instances of this.

Leaking oil is caused by a bad upper oil seal. Some people delay replacing the seal by switching to a thicker oil (90W to 140W) or even a thin grease (corn head grease).

Part numbers:

worm gear:
worm gear felt seal
worm gear seal      364470R91, 359449R91
worm gear gasket cover
worm gear bearing

upper bushing       45172DR
oil seal        ?

does the M have no felt washer retainer?
felt seal       49663D
thrust bearing      ?
lower bushing       49661DAR
Updated September 15, 2015