1943 Farmall M

I grew up on a farm in Indiana, with 1960’s and 70’s era IHs and 80’s era Cases. So, while I’m “stuck” in Utah doing software engineering, part of me is still back on the farm, and longing for a tractor to work on and drive. A few years ago I got to go to a plow day in Indiana with my uncle, where 20+ old tractors were working together to plow a couple hundred acres. It was a sight… the newest tractor was a stout cabless 4x4 model from the 70’s, while the oldest tractor was a steel-wheeled kerosene burner platform from 1900, give or take a few years. Compared to what I grew up with, they were all small… but might as well wave a steak in front of a hungry tiger.

In early 2010, my wife found an ad for a Farmall M in reasonable condition. The smallest and oldest tractor we had on the farm when I was a kid was a Farmall 560 (diesel, 6 cyl) from the 60s. That thing was a damn sight bigger than a Farmall M, but the M was the same lineage, had a wide front end, had duals… I couldn’t resist.






1943 Farmall M; wide front; SN 60462X3


My goal is a complete and historically accurate restoration (but with some appropriate enhancements such as live hydraulics.) Every bolt will be removed. Every surface will be prepared and repainted. Every gasket and seal will be replaced.

There are cheaper and easier ways to get to the ultimate goal (restored Ms are not expensive, later Ms had live hydraulics, etc) but the journey is the goal.

This is a high goal, and I have kids and a full-time job, so this is a multi-year project. To make matters worse, I bought the tractor before my shop was finished.



Updated October 18, 2014